DamnCandy Fixes DryMouth

Jan 2022 update.: Candy Due Feb 2022. What started on accident became my purpose in life. DamnCandy is going to be a legacy for my children Gage, and Maddie. My DamnCandy has been sold in all 50 states and 7 different countries. New products and brands coming 2022

New 2020 Fall update: 2022 Feb taking interest orders

Sugar free presses candy that cure cottonmouth fast. NO THC or CBD. They are sold in all 50 states in retail locations. single pop displays with 24 individually wrapped dispenser 3 flavors 8 units of each. Flavors like Pineapple Express and Sour Diesel sell on initial impulse.

New Products coming soon.








About Us

If your reading this I hope it’s because we met and I got you to crack a smile.

So I moved to Denver in June of 2014 to get into the cannabis business. The DamnCandy Company started in July of 2014 at the South Park Music festival in South Park Colorado on accident.

My EX and I had just found out what cotton mouth was like at higher altitudes between just general dehydration and all the partying, no matter what we did you couldn’t get rid of the dry mouth. The first night we ate a couple of brownies thinking they were our first real edtibles but instead of cannabis they were SHROOM brownies. Now tripping with the worst cotton mouth you could imagine I decided to do something about it. I didn’t want anyone else to have the time of thier lives ruined because of something I knew I could fix.

I tried making candy in our 20ft trailer when we got home to no avail. After contacting a chemist I found on craigslist he advised me that there was a local Denver based company making pressed candy so I went in and tried some samples and found a few flavors I liked and had my first batch of “420 Mints” made and the whole adventure started. Since then I have refined the brand name and design a few times to Cotton mouth killers and a few others coming soon.