Sugar free candy mints that cure cottonmouth. They are sold in retail locations in single pop displays with 24 individually wrapped dispenser 3 flavors 8 units of each. Flavors like Pineapple Express and Sour Diesel sell on initial impulse with a SRP of $1.99 it’s the perfect ad on sales item for any location.

About Us

This all started in July of 2014 at the South Park Music festival in South Park Colorado. My wife and I had just found out what cotton mouth was like at higher altitudes. As a joke i started looking into making our own medicated mints. I met with a “chemist” I found on craigslist, and I asked how I should go about getting my mints right.

“Why would you want to get into a business that is filled with large big money backers and you already have an idea no one else has come to realize.”

He went on to tell me of a novelty candy company, located in Denver. In August of 2014 I got to work on creating the graphics and ideas behind this novelty mint company in the growing Marijuana industry.