Put Some Damn Candy Next To The Register Just Watch How Fast It Sells
  • After 420 Mints 24 tins per case $1.50 per. SRP $2.99

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    420 Mints have been renamed to:

    "After" 420Mints  The idea of 420Mints began just over 3 years ago. Now with over 1800+ customers in all 50 states and 9 countries we are proud to reintroduce the brand as "After" 420 Mints and they are the first specific sugar free mint to help cure the dry mouth and bad breath caused by Smoking Pot, Vaping, Dabbing, Cigars, Medication or just life.

    "Our Mints Are Proudly Made in Denver, Colorado/

     The manufacturing of our mints is done by Amusemints  and they were featured on The Discovery Channel's show "how it's made "

    This is our award winning flag ship brand of Cotton Mouth Killers Non Medicated Sugar Free Novelty Candy Mints.

    So pick up a case and put them on the counter and watch how fast they sell......