Put Some Damn Candy Next To The Register Just Watch How Fast It Sells

This all started in July of 2014 at the South Park Music festival in South Park Colorado. My wife and I had just moved to Denver and went to a music festival in the mountains of South Park and found out what cotton mouth was like at higher altitudes. As a joke when we got home i started looking into making our own medicated mints and found out quickly making marijuana infused edibles was not something easily done. I met with a "chemist" I found on Craigslist.com and asked how i should go about getting my mints right and his advise was priceless. "Why would you want to get into a business that is filled with large big money backers and you already have an idea no one else has come to realize." He went on to tell me a novelty candy company was located in Denver and to check out what they had to offer. In August of 2014 I walked into Amusemints and was given some samples and got to work on coming up with the graphics and idea behind a novelty mint in the growing Marijuana industry. 

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